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Living A Joyous Life in A Busy World 7-30-08 "Cancer Does Not Prevent Productivity - You Can Heal And Be

Creating Excellence with Enthusiasm and Self-Empowerment

Berk, R. A., & Trieber, R. H. (in press). Whose classroom is it anyway?
Improvisation as a teaching tool.
Journal on Excellence on College Teaching.

The Power Of Humor And Improvisation In The Classroom

When Things Get Tough, Take Yourself Lightly

Fun Ways To Enjoy The Holidays

How Does A Humorist Market Themselves To Meeting Planners, Executives, And Organizations On The Value Of Fun And Humor?

Humor 101

Top 7.5 Ways To Use Humor In Leadership

Humor Strategies in Health Care Management Education

I Don’t Have An Attitude Problem, You Have A Perception Problem!

Laughter…A Luxury Within Your Reach!
5.5 Ways To Find Fun, Happiness And Chuckles

The Top 10 Marketing Tips for Every Humor Professional

The Magic of The “F” Word

The Truth About Humor And Laughter!

What Is This Thing Called Humor?

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