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Live Life Laughing by Rosalind Trieber

An Innovative And Imaginative Approach To Living A Healthier, Happier And More Prosperous Life.

In less than 7 days you will re-discover your sense of humor and put balance back in your life.

The simple assessments contained in this book help you to succeed in laughing off stress.

$14.95 + $6.00 S&H [US] $12 S&H [CAN] (Note: MD resident must add 6% sales tax.) Contact me to place an order. 




43 Ways to Keep You & Your Taste Buddies Happy
by Rosalind Trieber & Rita Miller-Huey


Outrageous and Hilarious Humor Laced Between 43 Healthy Delicious Recipes created for those with Cancer and Diabetes.

Sold OUT!





Top 10 FAQs About Humor and Stress


The top 10 question and answer approach to making lemonade when life gives you lemons.


Does Cancer Have a Sense of Humor?

Just as there was humor in life before cancer, there can be humor in life during cancer.

You will discover how to cope with cancer by turning on your sense of humor and gain the courage to laugh through the challenges cancer brings.

The above CD is only $14.95 (plus $6.00 S&H [US] $12 S&H [CAN] (Note: MD resident must add 6% sales tax.).  Contact me to place an order. 

The Joy of Living Journal

This amazing book takes you by the hand and teaches you how a daily inspirational quote, a daily dose of humor, and personal insights empower YOU to grab the bull by the horns and WIN at LIFE!

This Journal is only $14.95
(plus $6.00 S&H [US] $12 S&H [CAN] (Note: MD resident must add 6% sales tax.). 
Contact me to place an order. 

Perfect for the Gift That Keeps On Giving.

Appreciate Your Customers or Appreciate Your Employees.

Make this book your customized gift!

Call us for your special pricing on customizing with bulk orders.


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"This Inspirational Journal, written by Roz Trieber is a positive, well-written Journal for those facing pancreatic cancer and for those whose lives have been touched by pancreatic cancer.  The Journal is a peaceful space where one can write his or her personal thoughts and feelings, and be inspired daily when there are really tough days to get through.  We sincerely thank and applaud Roz for her numerous contributions to the pancreatic cancer and cancer communities. 
Susan R. Diamond
National Store Manager
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network


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